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The Challenge

Maternal and child health is India’s biggest health problem.

Almost a million children below age-five die each year.

25,000+ mothers die each year due to pregnancy-related complications.

One in three children below age-five is malnourished.

Much of this tragedy is preventable, and there are simple solutions.

The challenge is delivering these on a large scale.

The Antara Model

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“Every month when I travel with my team to the far-flung villages deep within central India, the human tragedy, cloaked by nature’s beauty of dense forests, vast plains and beautiful rivers, saddens me and further strengthens my purpose. These villages are home to some of the most marginalized communities. There I see, first-hand, the wretched state of health of India’s poorest mothers and their children.” 

Ashok Alexander, Founder - The Antara Foundation

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