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Rationalization of Registers

Frontline workers (FLWs) maintain numerous, voluminous registers. For instance, the anganwadi worker alone has 11 registers. Several of them contain repetitive fields. Naturally, frontline workers see registers as a burden. We see them as job-aids.


  • Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs) have to undertake tedious documentation, a task unto itself that takes focus away from registers as tool for service delivery

  • Registers are burdensome, and the formatting is not intuitive, resulting in haphazard data recording which reduces their usefulness for service delivery

  • The work of the ANM becomes more about paperwork and less about delivering effective healthcare.


The Antara Foundation (TAF) works with government functionaries to simplify record-keeping and make service delivery registers and records easy to use. TAF redesigns registers to eliminate repetitive columns, introduce a logical sequence and make them visually appealing. This helps save time, improve data quality and morale of health workers.

The design innovations include a user-friendly format that enables easy data entry, the institutionalization of the AAA philosophy and the provision of role specific information, and ensures the inclusion of critical information required for health service reporting.  

Registers_edited (1).webp



midwives use simplified records across Rajasthan 


redundant fields removed in midwives' service delivery books


workers use redesigned diaries across Madhya Pradesh 

Figures are based on estimates using publicly available sources, and from Antara Foundation’s monitoring system in Rajasthan

Learn about other interventions

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AAA Platform

A collaborative data-sharing and problem-solving platform that brings the three frontline workers in each village together


frontline workers trained


Integrated AAA App

A mobile app that digitally links the three frontline workers with a common beneficiary database, data-sharing and improved data quality and services


increased service incentives earned

nurse mentoring.webp

Nurse Mentoring

Improve knowledge and skills of delivery nurses and quality of labor rooms to ensure availability of essential drugs, equipment and proper protocols


deliveries made safer 

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