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Integrated AAA App

The Integrated AAA App is a unique solution which digitally links the three government frontline health workers (FLWs) in each village. These are the ANM (a nurse-midwife), the ASHA (community mobilizer) and the anganwadi worker (overseer of nutrition in pregnant and lactating women, and pre-school children) - they are together referred to as the AAA.

​These three women are responsible for providing health and nutrition services to the last-mile community across villages in India.


  • The three frontline workers do not team up, even though they serve the same population. They have different supervisory and reporting structures, databases and work cultures.

  • They are expected to maintain numerous voluminous registers, with hand-filled and redundant data that hampers effectiveness and efficiency. 

  • Data registers, metrics and collection are difficult to manage and hence, it is hard to identify, prioritize and provide focused care to high-risk beneficiaries.


The app enables the AAA to utilize a common database, carry out their routine tasks with ease and maintain integrity of data. It also generates essential government reports, provides an online supervision dashboard and enables referrals. While some technology solutions for frontline workers exist, none bring all three together.

Through all this, the workers can focus on their primary responsibility of delivering care, aided by data. The app has significantly improved the identification of critical beneficiaries through the use of service delivery data. The app provides health workers with important information regarding different services while registering a beneficiary. It depicts summary data to supplement line-list data, to support data-based decision making.

AAA integrated app



granular data points captured from pregnancy to childhood


increased incentives earned by ASHAs with more services


more high-risk  children/pregnant women identified


 more women registered for free ration at anganwadi centers

Figures are based on estimates using publicly available sources, and from Antara Foundation’s monitoring system in Rajasthan

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AAA Platform

A collaborative data-sharing and problem-solving platform that brings the three frontline workers in each village together


frontline workers trained


Rationalized Registers

Improve record-keeping registers to eliminate redundancy, add user-friendly design elements, ensure data quality and comprehensiveness of services


FLWs use our simplified records

nurse mentoring.webp

Nurse Mentoring

Improve knowledge and skills of delivery nurses and quality of labor rooms to ensure availability of essential drugs, equipment and proper protocols


deliveries made safer 

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