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Past Newsletters

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$250 a year can help 100 mothers and children

Access all editions of The Antara Foundation's newsletter to catch a glimpse of program activities on the ground:

  • December 2021 - Know our communities; Conference presentation: D4N 2021; Early results from capacity building; The Golden 1,000 Days

  • September 2021 - Driving impact at the grassroots: Know the team; Partnering with government; Fighting malnutrition

  • July 2021 -  Fighting COVID-19 in India’s villages (July update); Donor spotlight: Kms4Good; The promise of virtual training platforms

  • May 2021 - Fighting COVID-19 in India’s villages; Our COVID-response in photos;  Field Diary: Do field officers work from home?

  • March 2021 - Our women's brigade; Supporting us in our mission: H T Parekh Foundation; Team blog: Three women and a village

  • January 2021 - Supporting us in our mission: Arjun Malhotra; Nurse mentoring and facility enhancement; Looking through the viewfinder

  • October 2020 - Antara Foundation’s rural COVID support in action; Charging forward with new challenges; New girl in the village: One month into the fellowship 

  • July 2020 Enhanced ASHA diary; Lockdown experiences in Chhindwara; Our response to the pandemic

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