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Ashok Alexander joins as India Country Director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to establish Avahan, India’s HIV prevention program. In less than three years, Avahan became the world’s largest ever HIV prevention program, working in six states and 600+ towns.


The Lancet in 2013 estimated that Avahan averted over 600,000 infections, and the program was listed in the prestigious “Millions Saved” list of the Centre for Global Development.


Ashok sets up The Antara Foundation (TAF), drawing lessons of scaling from business used in Avahan (integrating supply and demand side measures, community driven) to solve maternal and child health issues in India.


Akshada is launched, TAF's flagship program in the state of Rajasthan, as a three-way partnership between Tata Trusts, the Rajasthan Government and TAF. A pilot is launched in the two focus districts of Baran and Jhalawar.


Ayana is launched, TAF's program in Rajasthan in partnership with Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) to improv saliency of nutrition


Aayushi is launched, TAF's program in Sikar district, Rajasthan, supported by Bajaj Auto, to reduce under-five child mortality.

Akshada’s AAA platform intervention is accepted by the government for state-wide scale-up across Rajasthan’s 46,000+ villages through the government supervisory system, with technical support from TAF.


Aadhya is launched, TAF's pilot program in Chhattisgarh, supported by Aditya Birla Group, to tailor and test interventions in Mahasamund district.

Akshita is launched, TAF's Madhya Pradesh program, supported by H. T. Parekh Foundation in Chhindwara district. Akshita works closely with the government in adapting the program design and interventions to Madhya Pradesh’s tribal context.


Antara International is incorporated in the US to raise funds and advocate for delivery of public health innovations, at scale, focusing on maternal and child health, and nutrition.


Akshita program’s footprint expands to four more districts in Madhya Pradesh.

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