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Ashok Writes

Piyush Writes

Attract more talent to public health

18 April 2019

Ashok calls for mandatory rural service to attract the diverse talent public health delivery in India so badly needs

Grassroots data - No one-way street

29 Mar 2019

Piyush lays out why data collected by frontline workers should return to them as intelligence / insights


India’s HIV situation isn’t that bad: report

19 January 2018

"The persistent focus on a decentralised response that offered prevention coverage of high-risk groups to saturation level, testing and treatment services, evidence-based programming and building technical capacity helped has shown results," Ashok in a report by Sanchita Sharma from Hindustan Times on the fall in HIV cases in India

Events/Program Coverage

This IIM alumnus is using mobile technology to check maternal and child healthcare in rural Rajasthan

24 September 2018

YourStory's Shruti Kedia profiles our work in Rajasthan - highlights holistic approach and use of technology to impact maternal and child health in Rajasthan

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