Our Mission

Antara's mission is to catalyze the delivery of preventive public health and nutrition solutions at scales adequate for state and national-level impact.


Our goal is to help improve some of the world's worst health outcomes, especially in maternal and child health, including malnutrition. The founding belief is that solutions to most public health problems are well known. The challenge is delivering them ‘at scale’.

The Antara Foundation’s Core Beliefs

Antara International works with and through our India partner, The Antara Foundation (TAF).

TAF works in the geographies and communities with the greatest need.

TAF has developed a tested and replicable model to deliver preventative interventions at scale to address maternal and child mortality, and malnutrition. We believe that well-known interventions exist, but the real challenge lies in delivering them consistently at scale. Our model integrates interventions across three core areas:

Build health workers’ capacity, create technology for data management and strengthen facilities


Create active and aware consumers at the village level, with individual and collective bargaining power


Enabling ecosystem
Create an enabling environment to garner support from stakeholders, remove barriers to health delivery, and strengthen policy


TAF believes in working in active partnership with the Government. The idea is to work with and through the public health system and to strengthen it. We have learned from experience that for interventions to be truly scaled and sustainable, ownership must vest with the Government and the community.


TAF prides itself on being data-driven and quantitative to have measurable impact. To that end, we have established a robust monitoring and evaluation system spanning multiple years, geographies and interventions. 


TAF always works closely in and with the community. We believe that problem-solving begins in the field. We are an implementation organization. Our team works at the grassroots level, we learn and succeed by getting dirt under our fingernails.

The Golden '1000 days'

The 1,000 days between pregnancy and a child’s second birthday are the most critical time for positive impact on a child’s cognitive and physical development (Black, 2013). Right nutrition for the mother and child during this period can have a profound impact on the child’s growth and development, reduce disease risk as well as protect the mother’s health. 

The key to addressing maternal and child health problems lies in identifying highest risk beneficiaries in this 1,000-day window and focusing health service delivery on them. Our interventions are designed to improve the supply, demand and enabling environment around this 1000-day period, prioritizing and focusing on the most critical beneficiaries.