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We envision an India where every mother and every child

has an equal start to a healthy life

25,000+ women die every year in India due to pregnancy-related complications

Almost a million children under age-five die every year in India

Majority of these deaths are preventable with simple and well-proven solutions

But not all mothers can access these

Source: Internal analysis based on data from UNICEF, India's national Sample Registration System (SRS) survey

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Impact stories from our communities

Saving mothers and children through nurse mentoring

Heera Bai with her baby girl

In a remote government health facility in Chhattisgarh, Heera Bai was about to give birth. Despite 30 minutes into the second stage of labor, the birthing nurse was unable to deliver the baby. Our nurse mentor, Radha, promptly identified the situation – the baby’s head passed the birth canal but the shoulder was stuck. If not managed properly, it could be fatal for the mother and child. 

Radha successfully guided the nurse on delivering a baby girl. But there was no time to celebrate. The baby wasn’t crying and her body was blue. Radha guided the nurse on performing the resuscitation process. Soon, the labor room rung loud with the sound of Heera Bai’s baby crying. The mother and baby are healthy now.

Antara Foundation's nurse mentoring program identifies critical knowledge gaps and provides comprehensive training to government nurses to save several preventable lives, one safe delivery at a time.

Building active, aware and empowered communities

Megha, her village's ASHA worker

Megha Gangare was eight months pregnant when she suddenly developed seizures. She was bleeding from her mouth, had high blood pressure and had to be rushed to the hospital. Sadly, her baby did not survive. She did not know what had gone wrong, and was devastated. 


Two years later, she applied and got selected for the position of ASHA (Accredited Social Health Activist) in her village in Madhya Pradesh. She was also six months pregnant at the time. An ASHA is a frontline health worker who mobilizes the community to access proper health services. Through her role, Megha learnt about high-risk pregnancies and the importance of timely antenatal check-ups, right nutrition, immunization and adequate rest for the health of the mother and child.


Megha soon delivered a daughter. She realised how her job enabled her to have a healthy pregnancy, and she could now help other mothers and children too.

Antara Foundation works closely with frontline health workers and village communities to build proper health-seeking behavior, and ensure timely and focused care for critical mothers and children.

Preeti’s arduous journey towards motherhood, following three unsuccessful pregnancies

Antara International is a non-profit registered in the US, with an aim to mobilize funds for deploying large-scale public health innovations. Our focus is preventive health especially within the domain of maternal and child health, and nutrition. Currently, Antara International’s funds are used to support on-ground activities of its partner organization, The Antara Foundation, a non-profit registered in India.


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