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We work through a combination of interventions, that together tackle different components of the rural public health system

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Key Interventions
AAA Platform

Bringing the three frontline workers in each village in India on a collaborative data-sharing platform, to create household-level village maps, micro-plan work to focus on the highest risk beneficiaries, and conduct regular meetings to review each other’s work.

Integrated AAA App

A unique solution which digitally links the three frontline workers through a mobile App. The App allows them to use a common beneficiary database, enables seamless data-sharing, and acts as a job-aid at the same time.

Rationalized Registers

Enhancing record-keeping registers of frontline workers by eliminating redundancies, ensuring comprehensiveness of services and introducing user-friendly design elements to improve data quality and decision-making.

Nurse Mentoring

Enhancing ill-equipped labor rooms to ensure availability of essential drugs and equipment and proper protocols. Alongside, improving knowledge and skills of nurses tasked with conducting deliveries in public health facilities.