COVID Response

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More than 105,000 units of supplies have been distributed so far to 17,000+ health staff, covering 4,000 villages and 6,500 health facilities

(as at 04-June-2021)

Read our interim impact report here

Supporting the fight against COVID-19 in rural India

Antara International supports the delivery of public health innovations to tackle maternal and child mortality, via its partner, The Antara Foundation (TAF) in India. During COVID, TAF has supported various COVID response efforts to identify high risk populations, provide technical training to frontline workers and provide on-site support in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Over the next few months, starting May 2021, TAF's work will cover 40,000 frontline workers and health staff, serving more than 10 million people in 6,800 villages across five districts in Madhya Pradesh. TAF will provide essential supplies, train frontline health workers on screening, prevention and vaccination, and mobilize communities for COVID vaccination.

Learn more about our efforts to strengthen the health system response to the pandemic in the note below (downloadable link here).