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This Mother's Day, we

$250 a year can help 100 mothers and children

25,000+ women die every year in India due to pregnancy-related complications

Almost a million children under age-five die every year in India

Most of these deaths are preventable through simple and well-known solutions.

But not all mothers can access them.

Let us #CelebrateMotherhood, this Mother's Day, and everyday!

This Mother's Day, we celebrate the joy of motherhood.

We honor mothers in rural India and everywhere else, for their strength, patience, and resilience. 

"I used to feel weak and exhausted during my pregnancy, all the time, I had no idea what was wrong with me. Thankfully, my ASHA didi and ANM didi recognized the symptoms and told me I had anemia. They helped me get to the health facility for treatment, and I soon felt like myself again. I am delighted to be a mother and to see my happy and healthy  child."

- Shilpa, a beneficiary of The Antara Foundation

We stand strongly by mothers across rural India, and support them in experiencing

a safe and happy motherhood.

Stories from rural India 

Shilpa was experiencing severe fatigue and shortness of breath during her pregnancy. The village frontline workers, trained by The Antara Foundation, worked together and identified that she had severe anemia, and treated her promptly at the nearest health center. Today, Shilpa is a happy mother with a healthy baby.

Rambai lives in a remote hamlet with no one to look after her and help her access ante-natal care. Kanta, an ASHA worker (village health mobilizer) stepped in and provided vital support through the course of her pregnancy. We are honored to support mothers like Rambai through our partner's (The Antara Foundation) work in training healthcare workers like Kunta. 

Village frontline health workers, supported with training, data and tools by

The Antara Foundation, help mothers across rural India like Shilpa and Rambai

access timely and quality healthcare services.


Help women in rural India #CelebrateMotherhood this Mother's Day

Mothers in rural India face a host of challenges, such as poor access to quality health facilities, inadequate knowledge about right health practices, and insufficient support systems to help them through pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care.

This Mother's Day, Antara International pays homage to the women in rural India, who fight all odds to become mothers and ensure healthy lives for their children.


Your tax-deductible contribution will go a long way to support frontline workers in rural India, who provide mothers with the care they need to experience the joy of motherhood. 

Please email for information on how to make your donation via check, wire transfer or other forms.

Antara International is a non-profit registered in the US, with an aim to mobilize funds for deploying large-scale public health innovations. Our focus is preventive health especially within the domain of maternal and child health, and nutrition. Currently, Antara International’s funds are used to support on-ground activities of its partner organization, The Antara Foundation, a non-profit registered in India.

Read more about Antara Foundation's work in India here:

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