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Antara International joined the Bay Area Global Health Alliance in 2021 to share knowledge and collaborate across sectors and to work together with different organizations to leverage and strengthen the Bay Area as a hub for global health innovation. 

We are members of Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH), the world’s largest alliance for women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health and well-being. The core function of this partnership is advocacy –  partners are mobilized to seek changes in policy, financing and services for women, children and adolescents, and are held accountable for delivering on our promises.  

We joined the India Philanthropy Alliance as its fifteenth member. The mission of this alliance is to enhance collaboration among organizations working to advance the development agenda in India. Member organizations work together to foster a more robust culture of giving among Indian-Americans, and increase the scale of philanthropy benefiting our cause in India. 

Walk in GYN.jpeg

We are collaborating with Walk IN GYN, an OBGYN clinic in New York that works towards making women’s healthcare easily accessible and affordable. The organization’s mission aligns closely with our work in maternal and children’s health in India, championing women's healthcare as a right, and not a luxury.

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